In addition to all of the products sold on our website our original emphasis of person to person business, service, and installation of performance parts still shines strong. Induktion Motorsports is based in a fully equipped facility located just south of Baltimore, MD, with the ability to install anything you will find on our website, full maintenance and service work, as well as custom fabrication of virtually anything.

Aftermarket Installations

We install everything we sell, for any of the vehicles, all in-house, by our factory trained technicians. In addition to what is listed on our website, we stock a number of other aftermarket parts that are very vehicle specific, and are setup with the latest technology to allow us to fabricate just about anything a customer could need for any one off job! Just some of the key areas we regularly work with include:

  • Suspension Installation (Springs/shocks, Coilovers, Camber Kits, etc)
  • Air Intakes
  • Exhaust (Turbo and cat back)
  • Chip upgrades
  • Gauge installation
  • Brake Upgrades (Upgraded Pads to full Front/Rear Big Brake Kits)
  • Transmission Upgrades (Clutch/Flywheel Upgrade to Differential Installation and rebuild)
  • Forced Induction (Upgrade existing to one off fully in house fabricated and tuned!!)

Service Work

Our service line up includes everything from replacing brake rotors and pads to complete engine rebuilds, with everything in between, including but not limited to:

  • Timing Belt/Chain Service
  • Diagnostic Inspections (OE Scan tools, adjustments/recoding)
  • Brake Service (Rotors, Pads, Lines, Flush, etc)
  • Exhaust work (OEM, Aftermarket, In-house Fabrication)
  • Regular Maintenance (Spark Plugs, Air/Cabin/Fuel Filters, etc)
  • Oil Changes
  • Suspension Replacement
  • Alignment


Our fabrication abilities have been growing by the day, and the projects keep getting bigger and bigger. This doesn’t mean we dont work on smaller jobs also! If you just need a small section of exhaust tubing, or if you need a complete turbo system for your vehicle when nothing exists on the market, we have the capabilities to get you where you want your vehicle to be! Utilizing only the highest quality metals (Unless otherwise requested, most are either T304 Stainless or Aluminum) as well as the highest quality fabrication tools, we are flexible on our end, to allow the customer to get their vehicle just how they want it. Just a few of our past fabrication projects include:

  • Full Turbo System Fabrication, Standalone Fueling, etc for VW R32
  • Intercooler piping
  • Exhaust fabrication
  • Custom engine/transmission Mountings