For Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts. That’s the spirit of Induktion Motorsports, and it lives on in each one of our customers, friends, colleagues-all who we touch in one way or another. #TeamInduktion is our rally cry across the mantel, a fun way to connect with one an other. Join us in hash tagging your Instagram photos and tweets!

At the shop, #TeamInduktion. Track Day, autocross, a weekend drive, #TeamInduktion. Enjoying the recent upgrades…#TeamInduktion. Working towards your dream goal of performance, You are #TeamInduktion. Supporting Audi in the 24 hours of Le Mans, #TeamInduktion. Spot a fellow customer, spot a car, see one of us, #TeamInduktion. Sharing enthusiasm is what #TeamInduktion is all about.

Have some fun with us and get to know your fellow enthusiasts online with the hashtag wherever you please! We’ll join in on the fun too. You can also find us officially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram below. Happy Motoring!